What would you like?

Hi everyone,

I started this website initially to organise my thinking in preparation for a book. Then I discovered it had its own value, as a dynamic way to present - and represent - historical and contemporary topics in the Brahma Kumaris. 

Since the inception in 2014 of Brahma Kumaris Research we have had almost 9,000 unique visitors. In just the last two months (since January 2018) 2,000 people have visited. So there is clearly an interest! There have also been inquiries from the academic field. In 2017 I was commissioned to write an article on the Brahma Kumaris for Oxford Bibliographies in Hinduism, and I have been recently invited by Professor David Bromley to write an entry on the Brahma Kumaris for the World Religions and Spiritual Project

So here we are, four years later, and I'm curious what the public/ you/ BKs want to see from this website.

It would be great to hear comments, ideas and feedback about what you like, what could be improved and anything you'd like to know about that isn't included at the moment.

Thanks everyone for your curiosity and interest. All the very best, and I look forward to your comments and views!