A Clash of Cultures

This is a private and personal account of experiences I had in the 1980’s, predominantly in Sydney, Australia and in Rajasthan, India. While these are my individual observations, it is my wish that others may find them intriguing, funny, interesting, easy to relate to, and/or bizarre.
— Sam McNally Sydney, Australia, 2014

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Here is a link to the Brahma Kumaris Forum where BKs and those interested in the Brahma Kumaris discuss philosophy, service, history, and personal stories. 

Brahma Kumaris Info was established by John Allen, a former and short-term member of the BKs. It is considered quite an "anti" site by many. However, it has been a successful way to engage in communication and healing for  those who were unable to find a willing audience to discuss concerns and problems openly within the organisation. The website has established itself as a popular forum for discussing a wide range of issues of interest to BKs, ex-BKs (those who have left the organisation) and friends and family of both.  

Oral Histories

Oral histories of BKs from around the world, gathered by Linda Persson. Content forthcoming.