c. 1942, The earliest known drawing of the cycle

c. 1942, The earliest known drawing of the cycle

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Early text and images files documenting the founding years of Om Mandli from 1938 to 1950. This period covers their time in Pakistan (India before Partition) up to their move to Rajasthan, India.

Om Mandli Bhaibund Committee Report (1938)

Critique of the Om Mandli by the families of Om Mandli members.  

Is This Justice (1939)

"Being an account of the founding of the Om Mandli and Om Niwas and their suppression by application of the Criminal Law Amendment Act of 1908."

A Reply to Is This Justice (1940)

"Om Mandli: A true authenticated story abouts its activities being a reply to 'Is This Justice'. By Anti-Om Mandli Committee, Hyderabad Sindh." 

Letters to VIPs (1939-1942)

This doument comrpises letters to HRH Princess Elizabeth (1939), Gandhiji (1939) and the Viceroy and Vicerene of India, Representatives of the Monarch (1942).

Class No. 162 (1942)

"Conversation between Divine Ones and Divine Mother Radhe in the premises of the Imperishable Divine Yagya. The ever-revolving wheel of the eternal creative play, consisting of four epochs and four castes, which takes 5000 years to complete one rotation."

World Drama Cycle #1 (1942)

"The ever-revolving wheel of the eternal creative play, consisting of four epochs, and four castes, which takes 5000 years to complete one rotation." Compare with World Drama Cycle #2 and World Drama Cycle #3 to understand the development of Brahma Kumaris spiritual knowledge."

This Preordained War of Mahabharat (Hindi, June 1942)

The Preordained World-Wide War of Mahabharata and It's Result (English, August, 1943)

"According the Preordained Plan of the Eternal Creative Play, Divine Father Prajapati Brahma, Gita Gyan Inventor, incarnates Kalpa after Kalpa in the country of Bharat at the time of the Confluence of the end of Kali-Yuga and the beginning of Sat-Yuga or at the conjunction of the cessation and the progression of the Kalpa, organises the Divine Yagya of Imperishable Wisdom and creates Brahmans and Kshetriyas through His Oral Orifice, unto whom He ordains thus:..."  

Tree #1 (1942)

"The age of this Kalpa-Vriksha (Variety Human World Tree) is 5000 years."

The Tree #1 and Cycle #2 (1942-1943)

The Tree and Cycle demonstrating their belief in God as Infinite Divine Light.

World Drama Cycle #2 (1943)

"Divine Decree. Concentrate upon this most esoteric, internal war plan for 'V' as marshals concentrate upon their external, violent war plans. A revelation as to how and through which divine dictator Bharat attains complete self-rule through the present greatest war of mahabharata after every kale (5000 years) according to the preordained plan of the creative play."

World Drama Cycle # 3 (1949)

"How the preordained world drama repeats every kalpa (5000 years). Key to world sovereignty by Divine Father Prajapati Brahma Kumaris i.e. Bharat Mata Shakti re-incarnations (deities incognito)."

Kalpa Tree (1949, Red and White)

"The age of this Kalpa-Vriksha (variety human world tree) is 5000 years. Infinite Divine Light. Gyan Suryavanshi Deity Dynasty and Gyan Chandravanshi Kshetriya Dynasty established by Prajapati God Brahma tne Creator, the Seed of Humanity. Infinite Divine Light."

Kalpa Tree (1950, Colour)

"The age of this Kalpa-Vriksha (variety human world tree) is 5000 years. Infinite Divine Light." 

Note the difference between this tree and the earlier tree indicated by the arrows at the bottom of the picture. This indicates their change in understanding and clarifications.

Other original documents - religious and theological

The Tree (1960)

"Kalpa Tree 5000 Years. Religio-political World History, Geography and Philosophy being taught by the most beloved God-Father Shiva like Kalpa (5000 years) ago."

 The Huge Contrast (1962)

"Huge contrast between the Yogas taught by human beings and the Raj Yoga taught by Heavenly God Father Shiva. The Rajoguni and Tamoguni Yogas taught by men led to Hell. The Satoguni Yoga taught by God Father Shiva leads to Heaven". The file is undated, however the printer was established in 1962 - recorder of the printer are added as an appendix to the document.

The Real Gita (N.D. late 1950's - early 1960s) 

Sakar Murlis (July 1964 - Jun 1966)

Handwritten original murlis, scanned and sourced from www.bkdrluhar.com

The Ladder (1966)

Lakshmi and Narayan (1967)

"Corruption, irreligiousness, unrighteousness, vices, insolvency and sufferings will come to an end in Bharat within 9 years and Golden-Aged Deity-World-Sovereignty of Shri Lakshmi and Shri Narayan will come to be re-established soon after the forthcoming huge world destruction."

Versions of God Almighty (1969)

"The heading on this volume might spell a surprise on many a reader, for it claims that knowledge contained in this volume has its source in the God Almighty or in the Gita Sermonizer Himself. But to those who want to be convinced of the bonafides of the claim by no other means than by what the book contains, I cannot but humbly suggest that they make a thorough reading of the contents at least once. For the 'versions' herein throw adequate light, directly or indirectly, on the 'why' or 'wherefore' of the title."

World Drama Cycle #3 (1980)

"Truth about the Creator and His Creation: Being revealed by the Most Beloved World God Father Shiva like Kalpa (5000 years) ago."