The Shift

There is a sense of movement and change within the Brahma Kumaris organisation. Some are concerned, and some are inspired. Some feel it's the most natural thing in the world, and some are worried because centre attendance has dropped in countries outside of India. Service in India is expanding rapidly. Service in countries outside of India has slowed. Like a tree, branches die and leaves fall off, the trunk strengthens, and new branches form. The tree changes its form, shape, size and vigour according to the season, according to the time, and according to the environment in which the seed was planted. Many have the question of what is going on? For a few years now - perhaps five or so - BKs have been discussing the yagya amongst themselves; In formal meetings, and informal gatherings, at the highest level of hierarchy, and among the most rudimentary and grassroots level.

A yagya is a sacrificial fire that is created to stimulate change. A yagya is established to dispel bad omens and to invite good ones. It is dynamic and without clear boundaries. A yagya is powerful and transformative. A yagya is fire, and fire is the great element of change. Whatever is offered into a yagya, is transformed through the element of fire. Similarly, this yagya, our yagya, was never designed to be a static organisation. The yagya is a living boundless phenomenon in which many things exist, including the Brahma Kumaris organisation. The Brahma Kumaris exist in various countries. It is often known by a different name and different structure, according to the laws and requirements of the country. However, distinct from this is the the all encompassing fire of spiritual energy: the yagya which stimulates self and world change. Considering all of this, the collapse of the Brahma Kumaris in its current form, within the transformative/ destructive/ creative energy of the yagya, is the most natural thing in the world. A group met in Germany this year, to discuss this very thing. Sister Denise also spoke about it recently. We would love to hear your comments on the matter.