Miss Prakashmani speaks

I remember Dadi Prakashmani telling us in the 80s and even in the 90s about the "early days". I remember very clearly sitting on the floor in the history hall while she was preparing to giving us our gift of either a 'rajai' (quilt)/ framed picture of Brahma Baba/ or sari. I always chose the rajai. She was just finishing arranging the gifts around her so she could show us the gifts, when someone asked what it was like in the early days. She put down the rajai, threw her hands in the air and looked up towards the sky. "Wah Baba!" Then she looked down at us and was so engaged. She really spoke to people with full attention and respect. "In those days everything was different," she said. "First, we always sat with a lot of attention in meditation. There was never any leaning against this or that. We had to be awake and alert" She sat upright and at attention, pulling herself away from the back of the  mustard colored vinyl couch. "Not like this," she said, as she crossed her arms and leaned into the corner of the couch, gazing around. The class giggled knowingly. Dadi continued, "There was more love but less knowledge. Baba would tell us anything and we would just do it. No question about anything. Not even for a second." She crossed her legs and leaned into the class. We all leaned forward to listen. "Our understanding has changed a lot. Back then we thought Brahma Baba was God and that everything would finish quickly and we would all go together. Now our understanding has become refined. There is a lot of service still to do. We had to churn the butter. Now everything has been prepared for you. We didn't understand anything." Again she threw her hands up in the air with an expression of great love and abandon, smiling. Then she looked at us deeply and pointed to all of us in turn "Now you understand everything."

Here are some extracts of their understanding in the mid 1950s. 

"Through this Divine Insight on this and several other occasions, God reveals to us many Godly secrets and scenes in advance including His many Godly forms... World God Father Himself with whom we have been maintaining constant communion since the last 17 years through His own Corporeal ordinary human forms in the names of World Almighty Goddess Mother Sri Jagadamba Saraswati and World Almighty God Father Brahma"
- Mr Anand Kishore

"We have visualized through Godly Insight the actual form of the Surpeme Soul, call God. It is very familiar and is commonly worshipped in temples in India and in most other countries. It is a most radiant, oval-shaped ball-like form of unbearable Light, called Jyotirlingum, visualized as Infinite Divine Light. The form is full of life. This is also called Shiva Lingum... His chief trinity forms as Brahma, the Creator, Vishnu, the Sustainer and Narayana, and Shiva the Destroyer, His bifurcated forms of Sri Lakshmi and Sri Narayana, the sovereigns of the ensuing Golden Age and the soul world, the subtle world, called Heaven in this corporeal world." 
- Miss Prakashmani

It is apparent how their understanding refined over time. You can see they fully understand and appreciate the bright and awake living energy of God. The concept of omnipresence has disappeared, however the refined understanding of all souls having the form of points of light is not there yetThey understand the three worlds and the various activities of God, but they interpret the varied activities of God as meaning that God has a variety of forms. Current understanding is that the Supreme Soul has one form, the same as all souls, a point of radiant sentient light.