Be Kind

There are some characteristics that seem distinctively human. The ability to love and forgive incredible wrongs. This is one of the most beautiful heart capacities of women and men. The other is the unique ability to blame, bully, disparage and belittle. Recently I've seen that quite a few humans feel they are the moral yardstick by which the rest of the world should be measured. That nuance of human nature seems to require a particularly low level of empathy. They write about others freely and without censure, but are shocked if someone does it in return. I'm curious about this need that certain humans have to assert their ego and to be right. The twists and turns of the ego that enable them to defend actions that are implicitly unkind, while blaming others all around them is quite astonishing. This goes in partnership with those who give solace to their ego through making hurtful remarks about others, on this public domain of the internet.

When the Dalai Lama says his religion is kindness, I really do think this is the spiritual technology that trumps all others. Celibacy, veganism (or lacto-veg for some) and early morning meditation all pale in the face of the human who can be truly kind, gentle and loving to all who continue to blame, belittle and bemoan. There is no power like kindness, there is no strength like gentleness and there is no might like love. 

Isn't that the heart of all spiritual teachings? Regardless of the label or the religion? Including the Brahma Kumaris (good wishes and pure feelings, shubkamna ki shubhawna - शुभकामनाओं के शुद्ध भावनाओं). The degree to which one practices that of course, is a different matter. 

Can we please give our partners, our neighbours, our digital companions and our strangers a break, and just be kind? Even when there is absolutely no good reason to be kind at all. Let's be kind and see what happens. That could be the magic that heals the world.