Anthony Strano

Anthony was my first teacher and the one who introduced me to the practice of Raja Yoga meditation at the 'House of Raja Yoga' at Bondi Junction in 1984. He remained a true friend and spiritual brother. Below is a dedication I wrote to him, compiled with hundreds of others in a gift to his birth family.

It was through Anthony that I first heard the spiritual knowledge of Raja Yoga almost thirty years ago. His teachings inspired me to take the first step in what is now a life of deep and abiding spiritual practice. My brother Anthony was one of my closest companions on the path and a constant touchstone in my spiritual development. In the last few years, I truly felt I was in the company of an angel. Completely accessible and present, yet also beyond and light. After being in his company, I always felt renewed hope and infinite possibility through his deep faith and love for God. I also enjoyed easiness and laughter in his company. Just as he made quiet dedicated and constant spiritual effort, he equally had within him a joyful innocence and spontaneity that would lighten my heart and brighten my mind. Brother Anthony served with profound love, balance and dedication. His one and only reference point was the company of God and the spiritual teachings of that Divine One. This was obvious whenever I was in his company and allowed great honesty and comfort in the friendship I was fortunate to share with him. His passing has moved me to deepen my spiritual practice. May his memory be honoured through my life.