Hermits and Mystics

The Brahmin World is much like an  old Christian Monastic Order. The new Monks or Nuns are nurtured in the group gatherings but at some point years down the road some need to distance themselves to develop further, and those ones become Hermits - living in isolation but within the grounds of the Monastery. As BKs, they move a bit further away from their Meditation Centre to get a bit of space to explore further, without being blocked by souls who are still trapped on the first floor of consciousness. Being a Hermit doesn't mean you are alone, as the rules for Hermits say that you always have to be available to whomever knocks on your door for advice. These souls play an invaluable role in the survival and spiritual development of the group
as a whole. They are usually innovative thinkers and Mystics who need the silence to go deeper and and break through the veal into the Universal data bank of all knowledge . We should cherish these souls for they are the torch  bearers in this darkened world.

by Anthony McCann

(Reflections from a senior Irish brother, on what is happening in the contemporary period within the Brahma Kumaris community.)