The Evolution of Knowledge is Now

When researching the Brahma Kumaris history, it becomes easy to think of the evolution of knowledge, as something that occurred in the remote past. Indeed the knowledge was in a state of great flux between 1932 and 1964. However, there have been further refinements since then. 

For example, in the 1980s when many "double foreign" BKs were "born," there was a lot of focus on three stages of meditation: Brahma-Puri (the subtle form), Vishnu-Puri (the perfect form) and Shankar-Puri (the complete and bodiless form). This was a regular type of spiritual endeavour, and common discussion during classes. This has evolved and changed to the point where today meditation is a largely private and individually negotiated affair, although still conducted collectively. Sharing meditation experiences also used to be common practice after a Yoga Bhatti (period of extended meditation). This is far less frequent now. Instead, traditions from the past are pulled forward into new generations of spiritual practitioners who find new ways to bring meaning into their spiritual practice. A process of re-traditionalising perhaps?

There was a period in the late nineties through to around 2010 when there was a lot of focus on the Five Forms (Golden Age, Worship-Worthy, Brahmin, Angel, Point) and drills. These are less talked about now. Today, there is a more secular feel while BKs discuss "authenticity" and "community". Brahma-Puri, Vishnu-Puri and Shankar-Puri are now rarely talked about now. History continues to be made. The community continues to move. And knowledge continues to evolve.