Shift II - A Heart-Based Think Tank

What is The Shift? You could say that Shift is a grassroots movement or a spiritual Think Tank made up of Raja Yogis who have learned knowledge, disciplines, and practices through the Brahma Kumaris path. These Raja Yogis are experimenting with how to implement the learned spiritual endeavours, in ways that are increasingly meaningful, non-religious and transformative in their lives. This experiment, the meetings and conversations, and the non-hierarchical support structure that is driving them is The Shift.

Some BK Raja Yogis have found that the organization as it currently exists, does not support spiritual illumination outside a particular Hinduistic and hierarchical structure. So, they gather together outside the centre structure. They love all the spiritual systems, so continue their lives as Raja Yogis outside the structure offered by the Brahma Kumaris organization and management system, which they feel hinders their awakening. This is not to denigrate or criticise the centre system. It is more like feeling grateful for something that was beautiful and is honoured but is now outdated and no longer relevant.

Some Raja Yogis have been getting together for decades in Australia outside the centre structure, and it was never called Shift. It was just friends getting together in a supportive way outside the religiosity of BK centre structure. There is no membership or enrolment for The Shift. The Shift is just an acknowledgement that Raja Yogis who have been taught by the past elders within the Brahma Kumaris are in a new phase of spiritual awakening. So, in a way Shift is nothing more than a way of acknowledging another phase in the yagya community. There have been many: from the foundation years,

In June of this year, a group of Raja Yogis came together in a spirit of openness and spirituality, in Schauen, East Germany. Together the participants have written a Shift II report to share with everyone. You can find the long report here, the summary here, and more about the ongoing BK Community Research here. These are published in the spirit of friendliness and collaboration. Please use them in this spirit.