Theological Overview

Within the Brahma Kumaris theology, some murlis have been revised over the years, to remove predicted dates of 'vinash' or catastrophic world change that have not yet come to pass. See here for an example from 21.01.1969 three days after Brahma Baba passed away. The original and the revised versions are included, with the relevant text outlined in red. More examples of predictive statements in murlis are available below. Note that some have links to original documents, whereas others have yet to be verified. 

As stated in Musselwhite's doctoral dissertation on the Brahma Kumaris, "God’s teachings regarding the end of the Diamond Age have not been entirely consistent. The most senior member I heard speak on the subject suggested that the Diamond Age will last either 100 or 250 years." (Page 5). 

Sakar Murlis

SAKAR MURLIS  - (during Brahma Baba's life)

25.07.1967 "In 10 years, we will establish deity sovereignty here. If we don't do that, you can take all these house etc. One should argue, is not it? Tell that no one else can say like this, that if in 10 years we don't do that task, the house is yours. Even though you give this in writing, they don't understand. No one can give in writing like this." 
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24.11.1967 (at 32 min.) “You say destruction will be there after 9 years. (Tum kehte ho 9 varsh baad vinash hoga.)"
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18.09.1968 (in the beginning) "Confluence Age is very small. From 40 years 8 are left.“
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09.07.1968 (second page) "Brahma's age is said to be 100 years. Father entered in 60 years. Remaining is 40, out of which how much time you have been doing purusharth? 42 years. Therefore 8 years are now remaining. Time is accurate, only 8 years are remaining." 
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13.09.1968 night class (at 3 min) "Eight years are hardly a big thing. The whole world is to be finished. (8 varsh koi badi baat thode hi hai. Sare duniya khatm ho jani hai.)"
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Avyakt Murlis

AVYAKT MURLIS (after Brahma Baba's death)

21.01.1969 (Revised 16.04.91) "You must be wondering what to answer those who want to know why Brahma left before 100 years. This is a very simple question. His age was very near a hundred ( ninety-three years). Even if Brahma has left the body, his age of 100- years is not wrong. If something remains it will still be fulfilled through the sandeshi. Brahma's part in establishment is of 100 years. That must be completed. But the part of Brahmins in between must now begin. Why did Brahma create Brahmins? Will not Brahma see  his creation? If the crown of responsibilty is not given in the confluence, how will you be the eight dieties? The responsibilty here is the foundation there. Whosoever asks you any question tell them that the task of establishment Brahma must continue. Seven or eight years remain for destruction to begin." (download original file)

21/10/69 "The final destruction of the whole world takes place within 6 years. Those who tell it to be 7 years have their position reduced." (unverified)

25.10.69 "When will destruction start? Will 75% (spiritual savings) be saved within 7 years? What will you do if destruction takes place before that? The plan has been made for 7 years. If destruction starts after 5 years, then? You tell others not to put off for tomorrow what can be done today. Why have you made a seven year plan for yourselves? The date of destruction is for changing the world. It was not given as the date for your changing." (download original file)

05/11/70 "From this journey it it 5 years till destruction." (unverified)

04/02/71 "Within 5 years this old world will become swahaa (burnt) in this yagya.Now a small amount of fire will occur. It will then stop: there is a small delay. All will fight among themselves. No one will be there to stop the fight. After river of blood river of milk will flow. This is called as game of bloodshed. Children also will get visions as before. Then you will see through these eyes." (unverified)

09/09/72 "Even those who are rich, even they live hardly for 3-4 years more." (unverified)

04/02/74 "From 10 years only 2 years are left. Soon Kaliyug will come to an end. The Drama is certain." (unverified)

9/11/74 "Rest, 2 years is left over. Don't think it will become 3 years. It may become one year but it can never become 3 years." (unverified)