Raja Yoga meditation taught by the Brahma Kumaris is a straight-forward, easily accessible and non-religious method of meditation. The meditation is framed in knowledge that is influenced by Indian culture, Hindu parables and Eastern metaphor. However the essence is simple and clear.

The meditator sits somewhere quietly, as upright and comfortable as possible. Settling themselves into the present moment, into the body, bringing their attention within, the person gradually and naturally brings their attention to the centre of their forehead. This is the seat of the soul. This gentle harnessing of attention enables the mind to slow down and feel at rest. It also allows the body to relax and support the meditators practice. Sometimes the new meditator may feel some buzzing in the forehead, something like mild electricity, or a stirring or some kind. They also may feel nothing at all. Each ones practice is their own: there is no wrong or right way to meditate in that sense.

When the state of inner calm has arisen, the meditator turns their attention inwards to experience the deep peace of soul consciousness. The awareness of being a silent living point of eternal energy, deep within the forehead, expressing itself through the extraordinary machinery of the body to experience life.  Sitting in this awareness allows the meditator to generate a deep friendship with the self, and gradually feel a connection and love to all beings. This brings many skills and strengths to life. 

Then one turns the attention upwards bringing the awareness to the Supreme Parent, the Guide, the Companion, the Friend. We can call this one God if we wish. The meditator connects to that One through the mind and heart. Actually, it is almost more the space between the mind and the heart, where meditation occurs. Also, the mind does wander. That is its nature. So when it does, don't worry. But when you are sitting in that state of gentle peace, you are establishing radiant peace as your foundation, returning to your origins. So then the mind can easily come into alignment again with its true nature of peace again, and become aware to the hearts true nature of kindness. 

This connection between the soul and the Supreme Soul that is silent, restorative and nourishing, we call Raja Yoga meditation, meaning supreme union, or kingly connection.

Whatever religion you identify with or don't identify with. Whether you subscribe to a particular world view or not, this mediation will bring peace to the mind, relaxation to the body and healing to the heart.     

Meanwhile, you can understand more and learn meditation online here.